Summer Plumbing Maintenance Tips

summer plumbing tips

Everyone has different tastes but it’s hard not to love summer. Warm temperatures, longer evenings, Christmas & New Years, beach, pools, tans and hopefully some time off work to be around family and friends. Ever heard of the butterfly effect? The flapping of a butterfly’s wings could start a chain reaction of events that causes a hurricane on the other side of the world. So it would be ignorant to think that the summer season and everything that comes with it doesn’t have an effect on your home and your plumbing system. 

We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to keep your plumbing system healthy over the warmer months.

Inspect Your Sprinklers 

Harsh winter climates can cause your sprinkler systems to crack or split, which leads to wasted water. As soon as the weather starts warming up, you should check all of your property’s sprinkler heads for cracks or leaks. Doing so will save wasted water and therefore, wasted money.

School’s Out 

The summer season means the kids are on holiday, which means they’ll probably be around the home a lot more. Having the extra bodies around the home means you’ll have more strain on your plumbing system. Make sure the whole family is aware of how to best care for you home and plumbing. 

It may seem easy and convenient but putting grease down your sink is a terrible idea, it will inevitably lead to a blocked drain (If this happened, check out these tips on how to unblock your drains). Be clear about what you can and can’t flush down the toilet and not running the fan whilst showering can lead to mould growth.

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Going on Holiday? 

If you’re going away on holiday and leaving your home empty, it’s a good idea to turn the temperature on your hot water unit down or even better, turn the unit off altogether. This will give your unit a break and save energy and money. 

Check Your Appliances 

With all of the extra bodies around the house, you’ll be using your home appliances a lot more. More dishes, more clothes to be washed etc. The beginning of summer is the best time to check all of the fixtures for your appliances to make sure they’re hooked up properly and that there are no cracks or leaks anywhere. If your appliances are working at their best, they’ll be at their most efficient, saving you money. 

Pet Hair 

This may seem like an odd one but it is very beneficial to brush your pet on a regular basis. The more you brush your pet, the less hair that gets all over your clothes and that means the less hair that gets into your washing machine. Pet hair can cause blockages in the plumbing of your washing machine which can create flooding and can even damage your machine. 

Call a Professional 

Getting a professional local plumber to your property to inspect your plumbing system thoroughly is a wise idea. They can identify and potential issues that may arise over the warmer months and help prevent them. They may even discover an issue you didn’t know you had! If you feel like this is the path for you, phone The Fawcett Group on 1300 329 238.

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