How To Unblock A Drain In A Flash!

Is your drain blocked? If you are facing this plumbing nightmare, this blog will help you on how to unblock a drain and avoid expensive repairs with the right kind of care.
how to unblock drains

If you want to avoid having to deal with blocked drains and toilets you need to clean them at least monthly to avoid things building up in there. There are products you can use bought from a store or there are homemade options that are effective too. You should also teach yourself how to unblock a drain by using some simple tools you can get from any hardware store. You can avoid expensive repairs with the right kind of care.

How to Unblock a Drain? Get the right tools!

To ensure Adelaide blocked drains are cleared properly our plumbers carry jet blasters and CCTV drain cameras to inspect the pipes. These professional tools are not cheap, however, there are a few simple tools a person should have on hand for when their toilet or drains get blocked. Here is a look at them and how to get the right types when faced with all those options at the stores.


The plunger is the most common tool use for drain and toilet blockages but you do need to make sure you get the right one. It is meant to use suction to remove or dislodge whatever is causing the block, rather than pushing it further down the pipe it comes back up. Having a good plunger is the first step in blocked drains DIY. The plunger has to be able to cover the holes so that enough pressure is created as you plunge. You then create the suction force by pressing down assertively! You may need to plunge a few times making sure it does not lift from the opening. Sometimes that is enough to do the job. You can then follow through with a mix of 3 cups of boiling water and a cup of baking soda.

Plumbers’ snake

This tool is good for dislodging things that get stuck in the pipes and become fixed. Some people will unwind a wire hanger to create something similar. You can reach in quite far to push it through. It is important to do some regular maintenance like this especially if you have older plumbing to prevent clogs from happening. Great for shower drains blocked with hair.

Closet auger

Another method used when looking at how to unblock drains is a closet or toilet auger. This is a useful one to help unblock where the pipes bend in toilets and sinks as with the U bend. It moves in a screwing motion and then you can pull out what is causing the block. You will have to unscrew the elbow pipe to release trapped water then push in the auger to the pipe.

Good drain cleaner

There are several good drain cleaners you can buy from the store to pour down the drain that can help keep it clean and help remove blockages. This is often a good way to remove bad odours from smelly drains too and to improve the speed at which water drains down it. A handy tip for blocked drains DIY is you can also use natural methods to achieve the same or similar results and they are less likely to damage your pipes. Something like a half cup of baking soda poured down and then followed by a cup of vinegar is a good one. Let it foam up for a good few minutes and then flush down a good amount of boiling water. Do not use the baking soda though if you have recently poured down an acid drain cleaner as there will be a bad reaction!

Preventing blockages

When you are exploring how to unblock a drain and you have found some good tools and methods that are working you should then put into action some means of preventing the blocks from happening. Put in physical guards on your drains to help prevent them from clogging. There are dirt screens that help prevent solid objects, like bits of soap, grit, hair, and so on. You will need to clean them out regularly but this will help prevent harder to reach blockages from happening.

Keeping your drains and toilets clean is also a good prevention technique. Pull out hair regularly, do not pour grease down the kitchen sink, throwing food particles in the garbage, run hot water down all of them now and then to give it a clear out. You can also use salt and water solutions to prevent the build-up of grease and for bad odours, use a solution of vinegar, lemon juice and a little baking soda. Let sit for half an hour and run more hot water down.

If you’ve done all these handy tips and you still can’t get rid of the blockage, it’s time to call the experts! Here at Fawcett Plumbing, we have the best plumbers in Adelaide that can save you the hassle of unblocking your drains. Our plumbers service Magill, Bridgewater, Parafield Gardens, Sheidow Park, Reynella, Woodcroft, in fact, every suburb in Adelaide! So give us a call today!