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Need a 24 hour plumber Adelaide wide?

Whether you think it’s a big deal or not, you could find yourself in the middle of a plumbing emergency. If you think your situation needs urgent professional attention, don’t hesitate to safeguard your family, your property and your peace of mind by putting your trust in the masters of emergency plumbing Adelaide wide.

When minutes and seconds count and your life, lifestyle and assets are at risk, you need to know super-fast and yet affordable emergency plumbing support is just around the corner and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

  • Are you in a dangerous situation?
  • Do you smell gas?
  • Has a pipe burst?
  • Can you see or smell sewage?
  • Do you have no water?
  • Can you hear running water?

With our people, our skills, our tools and technology and our lightning response times, Fawcett Plumbing Adelaide has established a reputation as the Adelaide emergency plumbing experts. Available around the clock and only ever just a single call away guaranteed, we provide the services in 24 hour plumbing Adelaide asked for – an immediate response and a fast and reliable fix across the entire spectrum of all plumbing and gas emergencies at your home or business.

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Are you in a gas or plumbing emergency right now?

Because seconds count, don’t hesitate: dial 1800 328 238 NOW! No matter your problem, an emergency plumber or emergency gas plumber will be standing by to advise you about what to do next. Remember, every second you wait could cost you more time, more money, more hassle, more damage – and perhaps even worse.

Do you smell gas?: If you smell gas, open the doors and windows and give Fawcett Plumbing’s gas plumbing emergency line a call right now on 1800 328 238. Leaking gas is dangerous, unhealthy and could cause fire, an explosion, injuries, damage and even death.

Has a pipe burst?: It’s impossible to ignore a burst pipe or water leaks, but even if it hasn’t made a big bang and is simply running, hissing or leaking, turns off your mains and then call the experts in Adelaide emergency plumbing right now – you could just prevent devastating damage & flooding.

Is something blocked?: If you see or smell sewage, that’s definitely a seriously unhealthy plumbing emergency that needs immediate attention. But if your stormwater drain is blocked or toilet is not flushing, an immediate repair from our Adelaide blocked drain experts can also be necessary to protect your home and family and get your vital services back on song.

Do you have no water?: It’s no understatement to say that no home or business can function without running hot and cold water, but it is also a clear symptom of a major plumbing failure or leak. Don’t wait another moment – give Fawcett’s hot water plumbers a call now.

Have you sprung a leak?: Is it dripping, gushing, running, hissing or spraying? If the answer is yes, that’s not something to ignore – especially when Fawcett can do the emergency plumbing Adelaide requires for a great, fair price.

Does every second count?: Yes it does! If it’s your pipes, your gas, your water, your stormwater, your roof or something else that you suspect requires immediate professional attention, don’t risk it – and call 1800 328 238 NOW!

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It’s the nature of an emergency that it always seems to strike at the most surprising and inconvenient time – and you’re rarely equipped to deal with it alone. That’s why you need to trust the emergency plumbing experts who care about your property, your family, your belongings and your quality of life just as much as you do. At Fawcett Plumbing, we’re on call 24/7/365 so that you can be sure what when it goes “Bang!”, someone is always there to help.

Before we get there, make sure to:

  • Turn off your water or gas at the mains
  • Protect your home by removing items or putting down towels
  • Find a safe place and wait for our speedy emergency plumbers to arrive in a hurry!

Every Adelaide emergency plumbing expert at Fawcett Plumbing has the specific training, credentials and experience to deal with, diagnose, isolate and rapidly repair your urgent plumbing or gas service emergencies in a flash – while never cutting a corner with attention to detail, workmanship, customer care or highly inflated prices. Whether you’re in Adelaide Hills, Northern Suburbs or Southern Suburbs region, there’s a Fawcett plumber that is always ready to help you.  So never risk your family, home or assets in a plumbing or gas emergency and instead turn to Fawcett Plumbing … right NOW!


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