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Hot Water Services - Repairs, Installation & Replacement

Typical hot water unit failures are usually due to leaks. If our plumber can repair the leak, then the issue can be resolved straight away. In an older hot water unit, leaks are usually due to corrosion in the water tank. Unfortunately, these are not repairable, and the entire water heater will need to be replaced.

Whether you’re looking for solar hot water, gas hot water or an electric hot water system, our licensed plumbers and gasfitters will make sure you’re enjoying a steaming shower as soon as possible.

With over 37 years of hot water system installation Adelaide experience, we have installed hundreds of new hot water systems as well as service, repair and replace existing ones. Fawcett Plumbing specialises in both hot water systems repairs and installations. We offer great customer service and provide hassle-free hot water repairs Adelaide with our same day service guarantee. Our team of qualified plumbers are fully equipped to repair hot water systems of all major Australian brands.

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Tracey Paysen
Tracey Paysen
20 January 2023
These guys, Jamie and Luke, were very professional and polite, excellent service
Kimberly Bonython
Kimberly Bonython
10 January 2023
This is the third time I have used the Fawcett Group and the whole crew did an amazing job with renovating my bathroom/toilet/laundry areas all because of a leaking problem and I couldn't be more thankful for the wonderful job they have done. They were all professional, polite and let me know step by step what was happening! Thank you so much!
23 December 2022
Great work from Reece & his partner on the day. Had the job quoted by Joszef on Wednesday, and able to get Reece in on the Friday before Christmas for a BIG day's work. Unbelievable response time & great work from the guys. Can't recommend highly enough - everything is working like a dream, and the place was left cleaner when they started. Really impressed & will be back!
Chrissy Baines
Chrissy Baines
15 December 2022
Great job Dave and Ash, very professional. It was a very long day and they stayed until the job was done
Viv Williams
Viv Williams
14 December 2022
Very professional company from start to finish. Reliable and punctual employees.
12 December 2022
Good service, professional, friendly staff
Jack Otto
Jack Otto
11 December 2022
Electrical switchboard repairs
Neville Patten
Neville Patten
6 December 2022
Satisfactory replacement of toilet. Satisfactory removal of rainwater tanks. Get every detail which is important to you in writing. Person who supplies the quote does not perform the work, resulting in misunderstandings.
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Emergency Hot Water Repairs in Adelaide

If your family or business relies on hot water then when it fails, you need the hot water service to be fixed as soon as possible. When contacting Fawcett Plumbers to request a Plumber, please let us know if this is an emergency hot water repair.

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hot water replacement

Hot Water Replacement Adelaide

While we specialise in hot water repairs, we can also provide obligation free advice and guidance on replacement hot water systems should it not be economically viable to repair. The cost of a replacement hot water system installation depends on the amount of heated water required and based on the number of people in your household.

24Hour Emergency Hot Water Repairs Adelaide

A leak coming from your hot water unit is often a sign that your hot water system is corroding. Cylinder corrosion is one of the many effects of the hard water we have here in Adelaide. All hot water units will have a manufacturers plate that will include a manufacturing date, the average life span is about 10 to 12 years.

Choosing A Hot Water System Adelaide

If you’re in the market for a new hot water unit, it’s worth knowing which one is best for you and your needs. There are many things to consider before going out and buying a hot water unit. The checklist below will help you decide on the correct unit. As with most things, there is a system to suit whatever budget you may have.

choosing the right hot water systems
  • How much water is required? Usually defined by the number of people that you have in your home. With 4 people, you may need a tank as big as 250L but if you’re unsure, contact us and we should be able to give you a guide.
  • Storage tank or continuous flow? Both have their pros and cons. A tank system will provide hot water faster whereas a continuous flow will be more energy efficient and save space.
  • Gas or Electric? What you have available at your property will usually determine which you go for but again, they both have pros and cons, it is worth doing your own research to determine what’s right for you.
  • How much space do you have for your hot water unit? Storage tanks can take up quite a bit of room while continuous flow systems are quite compact and mount to your wall.

Gas Hot Water System Adelaide
Gas storage hot water units have a gas burner underneath the tank itself to heat the water inside. Most units have an adjustable thermostat to set the water temperature. When the temperature at the bottom of the tank drops below the level set on the thermostat, the pilot flame ignites the main burner so the water is kept constantly hot. Storage hot water systems come in a range of tank sizes from 90L to 300L.

Gas Instantaneous/Continuous Flow Units
Unlike the storage units, these units only heat water as it is required, which means it may take a little longer to get the hot water that you’re after, but it is much more energy efficient. The water is heated by a gas burner as it flows through the heat exchanger. The gas burner starts when a hot water tap is turned on. It only heats the amount of water that is required instead of continuously heating a full tank.

Electric Hot Water System Adelaide
Electric storage hot water units are available in sizes starting at 25L and going all the way up to 400L for domestic properties. There are larger units available for commercial properties with multiple element configurations. While storage units have the hot water ready for you almost instantly, it consumes more energy.

Electric Instantaneous/Continuous Flow Units
These units are available in flow rates as little as 5L/minute up to 27L/minute. Unlike the storage units, because these heat water on the go as required, you’ll never run out of hot water. Some models allow you to choose the temperature of the heated water, whereas others only heat at a specific degree. As the water is heated on its way to the tap, it means the water pressure will be slightly less than that of a storage tank.

Hot Water Plumbers Anywhere In Adelaide
We specialise in repairing, installing, and servicing hot water systems across Adelaide. We are available for fast affordable results across the region including:

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