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Is your hot water system no longer coping with your property or family’s demands, or you’re just shopping around for a new, slick, ultra-modern and ultra-efficient unit that brings you up to speed with our rapidly advancing 21st century? If so, why not consider having an instantaneous gas hot water unit installed with friendly same-day service by Adelaide’s hot water experts at Fawcett Plumbing?

When can you get instant gas hot water flowing?

Fawcett Plumbing is your go-to local Adelaide plumbers for all water heater servicing, repairs and installations across Adelaide and beyond. We offer tailored advice based on our 250 years of combined plumbing industry experience, and can get your chosen make and model up and running with convenient same-day service – and a smile every time. If you’re turned on to the benefits of instantaneous gas hot water, get in touch with Fawcett Plumbing today.

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Why choose instant gas hot water?

Highly efficient and popular when powered by natural gas or LPG, but also available in reliable electricity-powered models, there are a lot of reasons to take a second look at the impressive latest-generation range of instantaneous gas hot water systems.

They’re green: While a standard tank-based system uses a lot of energy to heat and then keep heated a large quantity of ready-to-use water, an instant gas hot water system only uses what it needs every time you turn on a tap. Especially if you’re connected to natural gas, we’re talking about substantial savings in greenhouse emissions.

The water never runs out: As long as you match the capacity of your unit with the number of outlets you’re likely to use simultaneously, rest assured your instant gas hot water system will quite simply never run out of steaming hot water.

They’re slick: You’ve gotten used to those sizeable and unsightly storage tanks, but it’s incredible what instantaneous gas hot water units can do in such a small, simple, attractive package that can be installed just about anywhere.

The water is cleaner & safer: The hot water stored in a traditional tank can sometimes be prone to harmful bacteria growth, while the tank itself can rust and otherwise corrode and contaminate your water in that way. With instantaneous hot water systems, though, the water coming out of your tap is always fresh.

They’re efficient: Yes, the ultra-high efficiency of an instant gas hot water system is good for the environment – but it’s also good for your hip pocket! If you line up a standard electric tank system against instant gas hot water, the energy saving can be as much as 70% thanks to the basic design and operating philosophy but also the impressive 6-7 Star energy ratings.

Your instantaneous gas hot water options also have an almost double hot water lifespan compared to traditional heaters, resulting in correspondingly high warranties – not to mention much simpler maintenance schedules and fewer moving parts meaning fewer problems, services and repairs.

How does instantaneous gas hot water work?

As mentioned above, tankless water systems manage to pull off the impossible – better and more efficient operations in a simpler working design with fewer moving parts that last longer.

The principle itself is simple: you turn on the tap, the sensor senses it, and the gas burner springs into action to power the heat exchanger before the hot water is rushed to your shower-head. The heart of the technology is the on-board computer, which regulates not only the flow of gas or power but also the various functions including water flow, temperature control, and safety-oriented details for flame regulation and gas cut-off. The electricity-powered versions work similarly, but with an electric element rather than a gas burner.


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About Fawcett Plumbing

Fawcett Plumbing are a family owned business offering unparalleled service, competitive prices, and exceptional quality. We’ve been serving the local Adelaide area for over 33 years. 

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are your one-stop shop for all your plumbing, hot water and gas-fitting needs. Fawcett Plumbing are your local Adelaide plumber. 

What our clients say About Our Hot Water Service

Had Troy come out and replace my hot water unit. I phoned in the morning with no hot water and I was up and running again by the afternoon. Very very happy with the prompt and efficient service that I received. 10/10 would recommend!!

Will van den Berg

The Fawcett Group helped me with my hot water unit. I had no hot water, phoned these guys and before I knew it, someone was at my door ready to fix the problem! Daniel did a wonderful job. He was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. I have already recommended these guys to all of my friends and family!

Steven Stoman

Old Hot water system sprung a leak on weekend. Fawcett plumber came around within hours, installed new unit. Also required some electrical updating of power board. Plumber and electrician did excellent work. The tradies were courteous, friendly and answered all questions relating to the work provided.

Thomas Berekally

Replaced old electric hot water service within a few days, fantastic service, professional install. New hot water heater works a treat, always hot water available within a few minutes. Inverter style, fan is a bit loud, but it's much more economical than the old coil heater type.

David Bigland