6 Simple Small Bathroom Ideas For Your Next Renovation

small bathroom ideas

Is your bathroom space quite squeezy? Don’t stress, because even the pokiest of spaces can be turned into your favourite room of a fully-renovated space – it just requires the best on-trend simple small bathroom ideas. At Fawcett Plumbing, we’ve been helping Adelaide locals just like you with their small bathroom designs and renovations for years – so let’s get straight into outlining the ones that will make your tiny space feel truly luxurious:

1. Bye-bye bath!

Do you love a luxurious soak in the tub? Plenty of us do – but plenty of us also don’t! If you’re in the latter category, think about using the exact spot your bath is in for a modern and eye-catching walk-in shower.

2. Change the door

All too often, it’s easy to obsess about the bath, shower, sink and vanity – and forget all about one of the most effective small bathroom space ideas of all. Ask our Adelaide plumbers about whether changing the door itself could solve the problem of having to leave all that door opening space basically unused – and if a sliding or barn-style door could open up vital space and look great as well.

3. Keep it simple

There’s no doubt about it: The very best small bathroom designs are sleek and simple. And that simplicity doesn’t mean you need to go without any vital features – it’s just a fact that simplicity and clean lines give your smaller space an elegant, symmetrical and grander look.

4. Make it light & bright

For the tiles, it’s super-simple – go white and go large. Oversized tiles mean fewer grout lines to dazzle the eyes, resulting in the illusion of a bigger room – and consider opting for light-coloured tile designs with big patterns for the same reason. The bonus? Big tiles are easier to clean.

Try to pair your white-on-white small bathroom designs with plenty of natural light – like a skylight. All that bright light will bounce around the room and make your small bathroom look quite a big bigger.

5. Use quality, attention-catching fittings

Guess what happens when someone walks into your teeny-tiny bathroom space that is all kitted out with supreme quality, eye-catching contemporary fixtures and fittings, including stylish types of tapware, vanity bench-tops, porcelain toilet and maybe even custom joinery?

Answer: They’ll notice the quality and the luxury more prominently than the smaller space. Sure, the prices might be a little higher than you’re used to, but you’ll need a lot less materials and labour for your small space.

6. Finish it off with a big mirror

The bigger the bathroom mirror, the bigger that reflection will distract the eyes and make your small bathroom space look double the size. And the bonus? A bigger mirror means all of that bright, white light will bounce even more intensely around the room, further enhancing the feeling of space.

Need help with your small bathroom designs?

Do you need help with your small bathroom renovation Adelaide wide? Over the years, our highly experienced and fully-qualified bathroom specialists have seen, plumbed, advised on and assisted with more renovations on small bathroom designs than we can count. And we’d love to help you out next with fully-guaranteed workmanship, superb customer service and flexible, affordable pricing – and all the latest small bathroom space ideas!

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