The 4 Pros & Cons Of A Freestanding Bath

freestanding bath pros and cons

In our exciting era of function and style intersecting with innovation and art, it’s no surprise that the freestanding bath is making a comeback – in a big way. In fact, it’s increasingly being seen by those planning their new home or contemplating a bathroom renovation in Adelaide as the most obvious way to add a serious touch of luxury to that customary daily wash or soak.

The naysayers, however, will insist that while stand alone bathtubs may be perfect for that rare night in a 6-Star B&B, a normal fitted bath is the only sensible choice for day-to-day, functional, practical living. But is it really just a case of luxury versus function? To get the right answer for your circumstances, let’s be super-honest and calmly weigh up the pros and cons of freestanding big baths:

Free standing bath tubs Australia – THE PROS

So, is a freestanding spa bath really a wild choice made solely on the basis of wanting 5-Star luxury at the expense of ‘sensible’ everyday practicality? Not quite, because:

1. They’re flexible

A ‘normal’, fitted or built-in tub needs to be tucked up against a wall, but you can plonk a small freestanding bath just about anywhere.

2. They’re distinct

Trust us: if you design a bathroom around a stand alone bath, it will make a bold and distinct statement about who you are. In other words, while a standard bath fits in like a washing machine in a laundry, a freestanding bath will always attract a second or third look and reflect your penchant for minimalism, modern art, a nostalgia for history and more.

3. The choice is endless

Have you seen the latest range of modern freestanding baths cheap enough to put in your bathroom? Forget all the different colours and designs and a plethora of materials from cast iron to stone and beyond – you can get stand alone bathtubs that seem more like a contemporary art sculpture than an everyday practical household feature.

4. They create space

Ok, so while freestanding deep baths take up more room than that practical built-in, you may also have chosen to get rid of the shower altogether. And even if you didn’t, freestanding baths are so grand and eye-catching that they’ll create the illusion of a more vast and luxurious space.

The freestanding bath – THE CONS

There’s a big problem about most of the other articles online about the benefits of the freestanding bath – and it’s that the downsides are not openly and honestly disclosed and discussed. It’s crucial, for instance, to acknowledge that:

1. Big rooms are better

Let’s face it: if you’ve got a smaller bathroom and you want to cram every modern convenience in there as well as a grand standalone bath, it’s going to be very squeezy. It may, however, be possible to downgrade your grandest of plans for a small freestanding bath.

2. They cost a little more

We’re not going to hide that the kind of freestanding spa bath that you absolutely loved at the luxurious B&B probably cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. But don’t despair, because the modern range is so vast that there are freestanding baths cheap enough to swallow.

3. They’re a little less practical

Most of the time, if you’re laying back in a freestanding bath, it won’t be possible to have the shampoo or a glass of wine sitting on the edge – because generally there isn’t a ledge! On the upside, though, an equally grand bath caddy can solve that problem very cheaply.

4. They weigh more & use more water

Finally, a couple of home truths – the first of which is an acknowledgement that a stand alone bath weighs a lot more than a typical fixed bath, and can therefore require reinforced flooring at extra cost & complexity. The other is that to really make the most of deep baths, you’ll have to use quite a bit more hot water – and that costs you money every time. Many lovers of their freestanding bath, however, do a half-fill for regular use and then splash out with a full fill-up every now and then.

What’s the perfect freestanding bath for you?

Well, what side of the freestanding bath vs ‘normal’ bath debate did you end up on? Here at Fawcett Plumbing, our friendly bathroom renovation team has seen so many modern freestanding bath solutions that we know what works and what does not for your particular circumstances and preferences – so why not give us a shout? We’ll help you strike that balance between luxury, price and practicality for a solution you’ll absolutely love, so get in touch with our experienced Adelaide plumbers near you today!