The 5 Big Benefits Of Installing A Rimless Toilet

rimless toilet

A toilet is a toilet – right? While it’s true that, in the past, people may have been more concerned about sitting on something – anything – for a healthier and more convenient life. But over the years, toilet design has come such a long way in the areas of the look, the feel, and the smooth operations. Today, what you select for your home or property is more about what looks the best rather than the actual design functionality – because if it’s comfy and it flushes, who really cares. Right? Well, before getting back to your non-toilet-related reading, let us discuss the rimless toilet.

Wait … the what?!

You read it right, but the real question is: What is a rimless toilet? After all, the inner toilet rim was presumably always there for a very good reason.

Even so, many a rimless toilet review is coming to the same conclusion, and urging you to make the switch. Indeed, rimless toilets are flying out of the warehouses at present, and not just because the conspicuous lack of a rim makes it look just so sleek, clean, stylish and modern. And if they work just as well, that’s as good a reason as any for our friendly Adelaide plumbers here at Fawcett Plumbing to promote the new era of the rimless toilet Adelaide wide!

The real bonus is that there actually is a long list of other, even-more-important advantages to going rimless for a new toilet installation in Adelaide.

1. The flush

The way the flush works on a ‘normal’ toilet is that you press the button and the water is swirled around the bowl via the underneath of the rim. But with a rimless toilet, the flush has been totally re-imagined – and the rim just had to go. Now, the flush has nothing to do with the non-existent rim, with the result that the water is distributed all around the pan in a more direct, efficient, powerful, hygienic and thorough way.

2. The hygiene

When you regularly clean your toilet, which is absolutely crucial for hygiene and health, you tend to put a lot of focus into that inner rim – purely because it’s the most difficult part to clean really thoroughly. With a rimless toilet, though, getting rid of all those germs is a lot, lot easier and more thorough.

The direct flush mechanism also tends to result in less flush ‘splashing’, minimising any contamination of the space around the throne.

3. The efficiency

As we said, the rimless toilet’s direct flush mechanism is more powerful and thorough – but it also uses less water! Not only will your water bill head southwards, so too will your home’s impact on the environment.

Moreover, a cleaner and more water-efficient toilet means a reduced usage of toilet-cleaning and maintenance products.

4. The price

You might assume that revolutionary toilet technology would cost a lot more, but that’s not correct at all. Even if you’re shopping in the entry-level or middle of the road toilet range, you’ll find plenty of super-stylish rimless options to choose from.

5. The novelty

With all of those rimless toilet advantages, let’s face it: You’re simply a sucker for something that’s ultra-modern and all the rage. And when there’s nothing at all to lose, why miss out on the opportunity to tell all your friends about your new whiz-bang rimless toilet? They’ll probably want to try it out asap!

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