4 Things To Do When You Have A Gas Leak

gas leak what to do

What’s that you smell? Could it be gas? If so, it’s most definitely not something you want to ignore. In fact, it could be one of the most alarming things your nostrils will ever encounter – and knowing how to respond instantly and properly could just save your life and your family.

In our ‘gas leak what to do’ guide, we hope to answer every question, so you can put this worrying experience behind you and get on with life.

The signs of a gas leak

What to do if you suspect a gas leak but you’re not 100% sure? Here’s how to tell:

  • Do you smell rotten eggs?: Gas has this smell because of a special additive that makes it smell pretty gross.
  • Do you spot any bubbling?: If it’s just rained, and that puddle is bubbling, a gas line beneath the surface could be broken.
  • Do you hear roaring/hissing?: You might think it hisses – and it does. But when bad enough, a gas leak can even roar, and in this case, you’ll also smell it too.
  • Do you see dead plants?: If a gas line outside is leaking for long enough, it could kill the plants around it.
  • Are you feeling weird?: If it’s been silently leaking for long enough, that might explain the complaints from those around you about headaches and nausea.

What to do when you have a gas leak

Pretty sure you’ve detected a gas leak? Time is now of the essence. But first things first – take no chances whatsoever and ensure that every gas appliance in your home is firmly in the ‘off’ position. That includes:

Next, dash out to your gas supply, and turn that off too. Phew, as long as you don’t light a match, with a bit of luck you’ll soon stop smelling gas – especially if you open the doors and windows.

If that hasn’t stopped the smell, especially if you’ve opened the doors and windows, then you almost certainly haven’t stopped the leak. In that case, it’s time to:

1. Prepare to leave

Time is off the essence, so you need to get away from the source of the leak. Before leaving your home, though, open as many doors and windows as possible, and also ensure the following:

  • Don’t turn on any fans
  • Don’t plug anything on or switch anything on (including your mobile)
  • Don’t use anything that can create a spark
  • Turn off the gas appliances/gas supply source
  • Turn off the power

2. Exit NOW

Don’t take any chances. Take your mobile phone (without using it) and your family, and get out of there.

3. Who To Call For Gas Leak?

Our ‘gas leak what to do’ guide doubles up as a ‘gas leak who to call’ guide because getting professional help FAST is of crucial importance.

Call Fawcett Plumbing in a gas leak emergency

A gas leak is nothing to muck around with – you’ll need to act fast, and get fast, trustworthy help. If you’re in a spot of bother with a gas leak, you can trust Fawcett Plumbing’s highly trained emergency gas plumbers to act immediately, let you know everything you need to do, and get your place back to a safe and fully-functioning state before you know it. So don’t hesitate, and give the friendly Adelaide plumbing company at Fawcett Plumbing a call.