Gas Compliance Certificate SA: What You Need To Know

gas compliance certificate south australia

Let’s talk about the gas compliance certificate because with a name like that, it certainly sounds like a big deal. And if it sounds like a big deal, that’s because it is – whether you’re a major developer, a business operator, or even a homeowner. So let’s get stuck right into it:

Firstly, while the name and the rules vary from state to state, it’s important to realise that the gas compliance certificate is fundamentally standard across Australia. In South Australia, for instance, a gasfitter will talk about a ‘gas certificate of compliance’ – but the function of the credential is basically the same in the other states too.

That function? To reassure local and state authorities that the gas works you’ve got done are in full compliance. The ‘certificate’ is often then interchangeably referred to as the compliance ‘plate’ or ‘badge’. The certificate or plate is your proof that the gas work or installation is perfectly legit – and given how dangerous working with gas can be, that’s very important indeed.

As a gasfitter in Adelaide, there is quite a big range of standards and regulations that must be adhered to – so the gas compliance plate is basically the stamp of approval. And before you wonder, the answer is definitely “yes” – you do need one.

But why? And what else should you know about gas compliance certificates?

1. It’s for you

If you’re a homeowner or business operator, think of the gas compliance badge not only as reassurance that the gasfitter did the work properly. Also think of it as your protection in the event that something goes wrong down the line – because if the work wasn’t done properly, it’s not you who will need to foot the bill.

2. You need gas

Firstly, failing to get a licensed gasfitter to do your work properly is not only exposing you to extremely worrying safety hazards, but you’re also breaking the law if a dodgy job is done. But also bear in mind that your gas supplier cannot supply gas to your place if fully-certified work wasn’t done.

3. Yes, there are penalties

And we’re not just talking about warnings and fines if you try to dodge the gas compliance rules and legislation – we’re also talking about disciplinary interviews and even legal action.

4. Ask the gasfitter

If you’re worried about getting a gas compliance certificate when you need one, there’s no need to worry at all – because it’s the gasfitter or plumber’s responsibility to arrange that for you. Ask the gasfitter about the certificate when making a booking for piece of mind.

5. You *always* need one

Ok, so while getting someone to fix your gas oven won’t require a certificate, it’s mandatory for just about everything else a gasfitter will do for you, including:

Still confused about gas compliance? Don’t be!

While we understand that the world of gas compliance may seem confusing, there’s absolutely no need to worry – because the friendly and helpful local Adelaide plumbers at Fawcett Plumbing are here to help! Along with taking care of all other plumbing jobs around your house and premises, we’re also highly experienced and fully-licensed gasfitting experts, too. So why don’t you put all your gas plumbing needs in our hands by giving us a call today?