Is Adelaide Tap Water Safe To Drink, Really?

adelaide tap water quality

Recently, we’ve heard from quite a few Adelaide locals with questions about their tap water. Some reported that ‘something about a new chemical’ had been outlined in a card left in their letterbox, while others said the taste has changed – and quite a few reported that a routine fish tank had resulted in ‘RIP’ for their scaly friends. So can you drink tap water in Adelaide, still?

The short answer, of course, is yes – and that’s a message SA Water is keen to reinforce, too. Adelaide may not have the best reputation across Australia as the tastiest tap water, but Adelaide tap water quality really does depend on where it comes from – because there are actually over 80 sources across the state.

SA Water then treats that water so that it’s filtered, disinfected and safe. Chlorine used to be the main disinfectant to kill nasty bacteria and pathogens, but the ‘card in the mail’ mentioned above was almost certainly about the shift from chlorine to something called chloramine, which according to water safety experts is better than chlorine particularly when tap water has to travel in pipes quite a long distance from the source to the home. It also tastes better, doesn’t have that distinct chlorine taste and smell – but may kill the pet fish if the tank water isn’t properly treated. Not just that, a South Australian MP recently revealed that several local residents were complaining about skin irritation and headaches that they swear coincided with the move to chloramine.

Those accustomed to drinking Adelaide tap water can also get very accustomed to the slightly saltier taste than elsewhere, which may be because of the 10 desalination plants in use across the state. To get rid of just about all of the salt, these plants use an amazing technology called reverse osmosis filtering – which, by the way, you can also use at your drinking taps in the form of a water filter.

Any Adelaide tap water analysis will also show that we have extra fluoride added to the water – which is no doubt why the look and health of local teeth shape up so well against the rest of the world. As we all know, however, fluoride has plenty of detractors who think the dental benefits may in fact be outweighed by the potential health effects.

Have you heard enough about drinking Adelaide tap water to already be considering a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water filter? There are certainly plenty of reasons to consider the few hundred bucks it will cost to get one installed by our plumbers in Adelaide.

1. Contaminants

Say goodbye to sodium, sulphate, calcium, mercury, lead and fluoride – and many more.

2. Energy efficient

Nope – they don’t use a single watt of electricity.

3. Instant

Just turn on the tap, and rest assured the water has been filtered and purified to a degree not possible with any other at-home water filtration alternative.

4. Money-saving

If you’ve been asking yourself ‘Is Adelaide tap water safe to drink’, chances are you’ve been buying bottled water in the meantime. Within just a few months of having a water filter installed, you’ll already be in the black.

5. Tasty food

You may be surprised to learn that bad-tasting tap water isn’t just noticeable in the glass – but also in your food. Water is a key ingredient of so many dishes and while the heat of cooking may kill certain bacteria, most contaminants will find their way onto your plate.

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