3 Super-simple Steps For Measuring A Toilet Rough In

measuring a toilet rough in

Are you doing bathroom renovations? If so, there’s an awful lot to prepare. You’ll have to measure up the cabinets. How about recessed lighting? If you’re considering a window in the shower, it’s all the rage. Remember the sloping shower floor. Do you have room for a tub? Oh, and get measuring a toilet rough in.

Hang on … a toilet WHAT?

That’s right, without knowing how to measure a toilet rough in, you could pick out the perfect throne, get it all the way home, and only then realise the huge mistake you’ve made.

Unfortunately, realising that your new toilet is either too small or too big is one of the most common mistakes do-it-yourself-ers make with bathroom renovation plumbing. But first things first: what on earth is a toilet rough in, anyway?

In a nutshell, it’s about making sure your new toilet fits perfectly, with no gap whatsoever between the back of the cistern and the wall. Get that measurement wrong, and it either won’t fit at all or there will be a conspicuous gap that will bug you forever.

So let’s get straight into how to measure a toilet rough in. First, make sure you have:

  • A tape measure
  • A pen and some paper.

Seriously, that’s all you’ll need – and it doesn’t get a lot more difficult, either as you follow the short, simple, easy process of measuring a toilet rough in:

  • Step 1. Make sure one end of the tape measure is absolutely flush with the wall – not the tiles or anything else that may be jutting out. Now pull that tape measure to the centre-line of the pipe.
  • Step 2. Confused about what we just said about making that measurement ‘absolutely flush with the wall’? Remember: measuring the rough in has to be precise, otherwise that toilet won’t fit or they’ll be a horrible gap. So just factor in a tiny bit extra in that measurement so that the gap you end up with is flush but comfortable – rather than having a toilet that’s really crammed up with the wall.
  • Step 3. Give those measurements a double-check and then a triple-check for luck. Why? Because you’re going to be pretty annoyed if you know exactly how to measure the rough in but then make a mistake – and still buy the wrong-sized toilet!

We told you it would be easy! But what’s next when it comes to making plans for your new toilet renovations? Well, that’s going to involve a network of pipes, cutting into the waste stack, adding T-connectors and 90-degree elbow joints, female pipe connectors, a toilet flange … and so much more, including the need for precision, knowledge and experience in toilet plumbing and replacement.

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